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  • General
    • When traveling in a hot air balloon does it feel very cold?
      No, we travel in the direction of the wind. You will not feel cold during the flight. Furthermore, the burner generates a mild temperature within the basket.
    • Why is the use of a cap advised?
      The balloon burner generates some heat and the cap protects the head and neck. This is especially important for tall passengers or ones with little hair. If you have forgotten your cap, you can purchase one at Windpassenger. for the price of €10.00.
    • Flights are only possible on weekends?
      No, Windpassenger. can plan flights at any day of the year, because you never know in advance when there will be good weather. The operation of the flight depends on atmospheric conditions.
    • Can you take a balloon ride when you’re pregnant?
      No, to avoid any risk to the life of the fetus, the Windpassenger does not permit pregnant passengers. Passengers should disclose a possible pregnancy when they want to book a flight. Even in cases of very early pregnancy, you should not travel in a hot air balloon.
    • What clothes should I wear for the flight?
      We advise you to wear sporty clothes with sturdy and not very new shoes. We advise against the use of nylon clothing and warm clothes are not necessary because you will not feel any wind during the flight.
    • Is it possible to book a flight for one person?
      Yes, it’s possible to book per person. Windpassenger. will try to arrange other passengers.
    • Can you choose the site of the flight take-off?
      Usually you can choose one of our 15 fixed locations to board the balloon. If you make a reservation for a group of at least four people, or reserve a VIP flight for two or three people, you can specify an alternate boarding location.
      However, the site chosen by you must meet the following conditions: it must have a lawn of 60 m2, without obstacles and away from high voltage cables. After permission from the landowner, Windpassenger. will request a license from the chamber. The extra costs are €150.00.
      Boarding in the North and South of the country is possible only under specific conditions. Please contact us to find out flight possibilities.

    • Can I make a balloon journey between two chosen places?
      Since the balloon travels with the wind, we cannot guide it. The boarding location is certain but the landing site of our balloons is always a surprise.
    • What atmospheric conditions are required to travel in a hot air balloon?
      Atmospheric weather is the most important factor to have an unforgettable flight in a hot air balloon. There cannot be too much wind and visibility must be good. In addition, there can be no thunderstorm along the route, as this may constitute a danger to the balloon.  There are also legal regulations applicable to air transport, in particular as regards minimum visibility.
    • Why are flights always in the early morning or late afternoon?
      A hot air balloon is very sensitive to thermal currents, winds that move up or down a valley, occurring during the period when the sun warms the Earth.
      When the sun is at its highest point, the thermals are stronger and the balloon pilot has more difficulty navigating safely. Therefore, we only conduct flights during the hours the occurrence of thermal currents is lower, i.e., in early morning. In winter it’s possible to fly most of the day.
    • I suffer from agoraphobia, will I feel ill during the flight?
      After the balloon takeoff, the basket is no longer in contact with the ground and is suspended in a very stable manner and without oscillations. Our experience shows that these factors substantially reduce the symptoms of acrophobia in most passengers. Some pilots who suffer from acrophobia in normal life do not feel dizzy when they travel by balloon.

      So don’t worry, acrophobia hardly manifests itself in a hot air balloon.
    • How long does it take to fill and pack the balloon?
      With some help from the passengers, we can fill the hot air balloon in about twenty minutes.

      Packing up the balloon at the end of the journey takes half an hour. Whenever we take-off or land, we need a "helping hand” from the passengers. We say that it is part of the unification process with the material.

      It’s like the saying goes: many hands make light work.
    • From what age is it possible to travel by air in the balloon?
      The minimum age to fly in a balloon is 7 years. Younger children often don’t have the patience or simply can’t see anything because of the basket height (1.25 m.). Passengers must remain calm and stand for an hour and follow the instructions of the crew during the landing procedure. Most children are very impressed when filling the balloon and when it takes off.

      There are no limitations for passengers of a more advanced age, as long as their physical condition is good enough. It’s not possible to sit during the flight. It is the passenger’s responsibility to report any health problems at the time of booking.

      The oldest passenger to love his balloon journey with Windpassenger. was 94 years old!
    • Windpassenger balloons can land anywhere?
      Since a hot air balloon is not guided, we are dependent on the goodwill of landowners. For us it is a matter of honor to ensure that the damage is minimal and not to scare animals. The burners of our balloons are very quiet for this reason.

      Normally, if we behave as a true "visitor” and show our respect for nature and the people on whose property we land without prior approval, no problems will arise and we will be welcomed.

      One must be careful not to cause damage and not go through farmland. Many of our clients work in the agricultural sector.
    • Can I smoke?
      No! Smoking is not allowed at the take-off location or during the flight. Remember that bottles of liquid propane gas are always around.
      Smoking is allowed after landing and standing a considerable distance from our balloons.
    • Are you sure?
      Yes, we have good insurance for passengers. We chose commercial insurance with a more complete policy whose coverage goes beyond the minimum requirements by law. Even in this matter we offer quality!
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