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Gift Card Discovery

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Gift Card Discovery


Discovery Package Flight Low Cost "Friday´s" - Coruche / Ribatejo
The discovery begins up above
Nothing compares to a first flight in hot air balloon. To begin the basket is prepared and then you will be amazed when the balloon inflates above your head. Afterwards, let yourself be lifted up, feel the butterflies in your stomach as you lift off and float away on the most peaceful of journeys where the wind blows.  

Coruche / Ribatejo

Does not include:
Transportation to the launch site.
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Discovery package includes:
  • Gift Card for hot air balloon ride, lasting approximately 50 minutes;
  • Valid for 1 passenger for one year, on a group flight with a minimum of 20 people;
  • Information brochure of your hot air balloon trip;
  • Official Windpassenger Flight Certificate;
  • Champagne toast at the end of the flight;
  • Return transportation to the starting point;
  • Passenger insurance in the air and on the ground;
  • Assistance in the air and on the ground by the Windpassenger team;
  • VAT, booking costs, travel and flight permits. 
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1 Item
Fernando Simões
14 June 2017
Uma experiencia espectacular que só mesmo vivida se pode entender.
Obrigado a todo o staff e ao excelente piloto Guido que nos proporcionou um voo inesquecível sem \\\\\\\\\\\\\"aterragem desportiva\\\\\\\\\\\\\" ;)
Para quem ainda nunca experimentou, vá e desfrute, e leve alguém para desfrutar consigo, vão garantidamente adorar.
Obrigado Windpassenger!
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Flight areas
Flight areas
We present a map of flight in Portugal, if you don't find your area please email us to ask whether it is possible to perform flights in your area.
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