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Balloon flight Discovery (Friday´s)
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Discovery Package
One might say there’s a first time for everything. But among all our "firsts” there is no other like the first flight onboard a hot air balloon.

One might say there’s a first time for everything. But among all our "firsts” there is no other like the first flight onboard a hot air balloon. It all starts with the preparation of the basket, the team’s working ritual accompanied by curious eyes as the balloon grow several meters over our heads. Then when it begins to rise, there is the tingling in the belly as you watch the ground dwindle and at peace in the journey’s serenity.

Give yourself or someone else the opportunity to fly over the clouds and float aimlessly at the whim of the wind. 
A journey through the clouds is only possible with the WP Discovery flight experience.

Coruche Portugal

Does not include:

Transport to the takeoff location.


The following should not fly: pregnant women, children under 7 years old, people with serious heart conditions, severe osteoporosis, epilepsy along with those who have recently undergone surgery. High heels are not allowed and you cannot smoke in and around the balloon.


We recommend sports clothing, hat and sturdy shoes. Avoid nylon apparel and clothing that is too hot, since you will not feel wind during the flight.

Dates and schedules:

Subject to a minimum number of confirmed passengers and favorable weather conditions, with the possibility of last-minute cancellations and postponement for safety reasons, the confirmation of hot air balloon flights is usually made by email one or two days before the flight. Due to the weather instability, Windpassenger has the right to confirm the flight up to 12 hours in advance.
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Discovery Pack includes:
  • Flight voucher in a hot air balloon, with an average duration of 50 min. 

  • Valid for one person for one year.
  • Part of a balloon flight in a group with other passengers.
  • Descriptive coupon of your balloon journey.
  • Official Windpassenger flight certificate.
  • Champagne toast at the end of the flight.
  • Return transportation to the starting point. 

  • Passenger insurance on air and on land. 

  • Assistance on air and on land by the Windpassenger team.
  • VAT, booking costs, travel and flight licenses.

Discovery Package (1 person - minimum groups of 20)
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19 August 2017
Guido, guidão e guia, Capitão de nossa suave embarcação. Sete horas, em ponto, o sol apontava, o balão decolava. Dezoito Amigos num cesto gigante, corações às alturas, num vento sereno, rasante sobre as águas, sobrevoo no terreno. Latidos de cães ouvidos ao longe, Coruche acordava. Na Quinta, logo abaixo de nós, um belo cavalo galopava. Sessenta minutos de pura emoção, sensação sem igual, em nossa saudosa Terra Querida, Portugal.
Ana Luisa Santana de Oliveira
10 October 2016
Adorámos o passeio de balão. Foi muito agradável e com peripécias engraçadas.
Aconselhamos todos a fazê-lo.

P.S.: Sem medo de vertigens, nada se sente ;)
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Flight areas
Flight areas
We present a map of flight in Portugal, if you don't find your area please email us to ask whether it is possible to perform flights in your area.
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