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Get to know a little more about our team of pilots and instructors, assistants and Crew Members. They are experienced professionals, passionate and 100% dedicated to giving you the experience of a lifetime. From the office to the balloon basket, we are here to guarantee you a perfect trip in total safety. Relax, we’ll take care of the rest.
Guido Van Der Velden Dos Santos
Guido Van Der Velden Dos Santos
Pilot & Flight Instructor

Age: 42
Profession: Pilot, flight Instructor and Manager of WP operations
License: Class A, B, C, D - Flight Instructor - Night Rating, Radio International Telephony
Instructor: Gerard Grange & Carlos Manuel Serra Dos Santos
Years of Experience: For over 29 years, since 1989, was traveling in the company of his father.
First flights as a passenger: Between 1989 and 1992 with the balloon CS-BAB
Hours of free flight: More than 2500 hours and more than 24000 passengers transported safely
Greatest dream in Ballooning: Flying the largest hot-air balloon in the world carrying passengers and fly over all the world's countries

Carol Graciana Negri
Carol Graciana Negri

Age: 35
Profession: Administrative Windpassenger
License: Class
Instructor: Gerard Grange & Guido Van Der Velden Dos Santos
Years of Experience: Since 2005 flies in the company of Guido Santos
First flights as a passenger: Between 2005 and 2006 with the balloon PH-NHN
Gert Janse
Gert Janse

Age: 57
Profession: Freelance pilot, Windpassenger Compliance and Safety Manager, consultant specialised in European aviation safety regulations, retired Flight Engineer Boeing 747
License: EASA BPL group A and B, Radio Telephony
Years of Experience: Over 35 years in aviation. Balloon license since 2012. Flown in Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Taiwan, Philippines, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and United Kingdom
Hours of free flight: Over 250 hours of which more than 180 as pilot-in-command
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