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Corporate Flight

Emotion Balloon Trip
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Corporate Flight
Corporate Flight


Emotion Package (20 to 50 passengers)
 Ideal for large private or corporate groups, the WP Emotion package offers you the chance to carry out the event of the year in a balloon with a capacity of up to 34 people. A privileged spot with a unique view nothing else can overcome.
The WP Emotion flight experience was designed to offer a memorable journey in a balloon capable of carrying up to 34 people. This hot air balloon, the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, has an impressive size of 18,500 m3. Imagine yourself moving through the clouds safely aboard this authentic aerial fortress.

Perfect for large groups or companies who want to ensure a breathtaking experience for customers or employees, the WP Emotion is the perfect way for a remarkable floating party to mark an institutional anniversary, a team-building event, or an original promotional reward that will become a talking point for many months.

A journey involving powerful emotions, only possible with the new Windpassenger Emotion flying experience.

As defined in the purchase of the voucher.

Does not include:

Transport to the takeoff points.


The following should not fly: pregnant women, children under 7 years old, people with serious heart conditions, severe osteoporosis, epilepsy along with those who have recently undergone surgery. High heels are not allowed and you cannot smoke in and around the balloon.


We recommend sports clothing, hat and sturdy shoes. Avoid nylon apparel and clothing that is too hot, since you will not feel the wind during the flight.

Dates and schedules:

Subject to a minimum number of confirmed passengers (except for exclusive flights)  and favorable weather conditions, with the possibility of last-minute cancellations and postponement for safety reasons, the confirmation of hot air balloon flights is usually made by email one or two days before the flight. Due to the weather instability, Windpassenger has the right to confirm the flight up to 12 hours in advance.
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The Emotion Package includes:
  • Flight voucher in a hot air balloon, with an average duration of 90 min.
  • Valid for one person for one year.
  • Part of one balloon group with other passengers.
  • Descriptive coupon of your balloon journey.
  • Official Windpassenger flight certificate.
  • Champagne toast at the end of the flight.
  • Return transportation to the starting point. 

  • Passenger insurance on air and on land. 

  • Assistance on air and on land by the Windpassenger team.
  • VAT, booking costs, travel and flight licenses.
Emotion Package (20 to 32 passengers)

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